Swiss Art Festival in Chelyabinsk

Early October 1996 Swiss art festival was be held in Chelyabinsk. This was the second event when art connects two absolutely different cities: Fribourg, which is situated in the beautiful countryside of Swiss landscape and industrial Chelyabinsk in the southern part of the Urals, the ancient mountains.
The first festival was held last September when 60 people representing all kinds of art in the Urals received a happy opportunity to perform in Switzerland.

This fall Chelyabinsk had more than 50 guests. Among them three artists, three theatre groups, two rock groups, a choir, and an organ player. During four days, 2nd to the 6th of October the citizens of Chelyabinsk took part in the non-stop holiday which was called "Fribourg in Chelyabinsk" festival:

October 2:
Opening of the exhibition of the artists
Concert of the choir "Orlando"
October 3:
Jaccard, Schelling, Bertinelli-dancing trio theatre
Choir "Orlando"
October 4:
"Fraulein Rasch"
"Little J.C."
October 5:
"Da Motus"
Organ music concert. Vincent Paernue
"Young Gods"
"Fraulein Rasch"
October 6:
Closing day
"Da Motus"