Painting, graphics

Vladimir S. Safronov was born in Namangan (Uzbekistan) in 1939. He lived in Leningrad in 1940-44 and lives in Chelyabinsk since 1944, studies in Evening drawing classes of Repin Institute of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad (1959-61). He graduate from art and graphics faculty of Magnitogorsk Pedagogical Institute in 1984.

Vladimir Safronov is member of Russian Artist Union from 1983, participant of many city, region and all-Russia exhibitions. His graphics and art work are in collections of 26 countries.

Now he works for Chelyabinsk Publishing House and teaches in High Institute of the Humanities.

P a i n t i n g  --  G r a p h i c s

PS  From my point of view, Vladimir Safronov is the most interesting artist in the city and very talented one. It was extremely difficult to select what his works are to publish in the web. All of them are nice in their way.

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