TV and radio stations of Chelyabinsk

1. TV channels

4"ORT", Moscow
8"RTR", Moscow;
"ChGTRK", Chelyabinsk
10"Channel 10" and "Metar", Chelyabinsk
12"Focus-TV", Chelyabinsk
23"East express", Chelyabinsk
26"NTV", Moscow
29"2x2", Moscow
36"TV-6", Moscow
39"Intervolna-TV", Chelyabinsk

2. Radio stations

Russian FM FM Name
66,74 MHz 102,9 MHz "Intervolna"
71,19 MHz - "Radio of Russia"
71,96 MHz - "Studio 1"
72,74 MHz 102,3 MHz "Russian Radio"
67,55 MHz 100,4 MHz "Radio 101"
- 104,1 MHz "Radio Z"

Other radio stations in Russia
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