Nature around Chelyabinsk

Mountains, lakes, forest... Perhaps, they are the most typical features of South-Urals nature. These its sides are in perfect harmony creating an inimitable ensemble. They are capable of wining everyone's heart, cater for the strictest taste.

Lakes, they are more than 2000 (!) in Chelyabinsk oblast, grandly emphasize a known Russian landscape of plains and ones boardered with mountains create imposing and unforgettable pictures. Pearls of the region are lakes Turgoyak and Uvil'dy. Their water is limpid down to a depth of 10-12 meters. You can reach them as well as other interesting and picturesque places in 1-2 hours by car having left the city.

The most joyful and, at the same time, sorrowful thing is that nature is alive despite so hard attitude of people here for last 25-30 years. As a matter of fact, and now it struggles almost alone with attemps of encroachment.

We like local nature and wish it wouldn't lose its charm and power of life. Our feelings have been incarnated in this small gallery of photographs of South-Urals nature. Let it be our contribution, as "networking' help for friend - nature.

1. Misty morning ( 80 K )
2. Taganai ( 68 K )
3. Lake ( 62 K )
4. Indian summer ( 118 K )

5. In sunlight ( 106 K )
6. Turgoyak ( 82 K )
7. Gossamers ( 89 K )
8. Downy cover ( 98 K )

9. Aush-Tau ( 76 K )
10. Big Taganai mountain ridge ( 95 K )
11. Environs of Mt.Yremel ( 97 K )
12. Argazi ( 70 K )