The Concert Hall for Chamber and Organ Music

Aloe Pole
Chelyabinsk, Russia

Ph. (351) 236-17-46

  The Concert Hall for Chamber and Organ Music

A chirch erected in 1910-1915 was restaured and reconstructed according to true drawings, done by the famouse russian architect academician A. Pomerantsev. The author of chirch restauration is a Moscow architect L. Nenaglyadkin.

It came into being in 1987. The organ was created by the German "Oile" Company. It is consided to be one of the best in the world.

Vladimir Khomyakov. He is also the organ guardian and tuner.

Chelyabinsk has become a home and a place of carrying out of many festivals of young Russian organists community "New Organ Association". A great many recordes of Russian organists concerts for CD were made in this hall.

The date of foundation: September, 12, 1986.


   Photo by "Kamenny poyas"