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This story began in the middle of 1995 when Lev Gutovsky visited our center and offered to collaborate on the construction of Web pages about NAE and its music and performance programs. Within a couple of months this had become a reality and reponses began to appear from around the globe.

Most of those inquiries seemed to come from Western Europe and the USA. Perhaps followers of experimental music are more common in those places; ease of access to Web resources and the proliferation of high-speed modems in those countries certainly plays a part in this as well.

Steve Wight, who wrote us first in March 1996, is one of those people, who as it happens is also an active promoter of experimental music of all types. Steve has a small recording studio in his home in California and maintains a Web site, "Lucky Garage", on an internet server there to present the work he produces.

We met in person during my visit to San Francisco in October and discussed our wish to do something cooperatively to promote the art and music of NAE to a broader population of listeners, as well as doing the same within Russia for the conceptual art, music, and music criticism presented on Steve's Web site.

The first step was not so trivial - to make a mirror of the Lucky Garage site in Chelyabinsk, Russia. We hope to garner the resources we need to begin translating the English text on the site into Russian piece by piece. Thankfully, the music itself needs no translation.

As this mirror site grows more stable and our translation techniques improve, we plan to add hotlinks to other interesting Russian and non-Russian performers and artists on the Web, in the hope that by facilitating access to "strangeness" in music and the arts, we will become familiar with each other as human beings; from there we can develop new levels of communication and an awareness of shared experiences within our different cultures.

The next step will be... let us live and see.

Special thanks to Cameron Brian, Ruth Santee, Victor Plotnikov, and Victor Krivoschekov. The project could not be implemented without their assistance. And thank you, Steve!

Dmitry Latukhin