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some components from: sites and events

Sites and Events: Works by Susanne Cockrell, David Dellfiora, George Gessert, Brennan McGaffey and Ted Purves, in cardboard box @ 6"x4"x1", contains various small multiples and artists books in diverse media (including seeds, medicinal herbs, booklets and various works on paper), some works signed, ongoing edition, now in a 1995 version.

Projects for Water: Works by Lucy Congdon, Brennan McGaffey and Ted Purves, in plastic box @ 6"x4"x1.5", contains various small multiples in diverse media (including cast salts, bottled waters, thimbles and more), ongoing edition, 1995.

Each teamwork edition contains the work of several artists grouped around a central theme. The editions are ongoing, though over time, the exact contents and the participating artists shift. The listings below reflect the contents of the editions as of 1/1/1998