Lucky Garage Record Company

Summer 1997 Catalog

Butte LGR EP002 7 " EP

Lunk LGR EP001 7 " EP

Tim Perkis LGR EP004 7" EP

Sam Durant LGR EP003 7" EP

Purse LGR S002 7" 45

Butte LGR S003 7" 45

The Ken Ardley Playboys LGR S004 7" 45

Wrong Body LGR S005 7" 45

The Ken Ardley Playboys LGR CD001 Compact Disque

Purse LGR CD002 Compact Disque

Ellington Country LGR EP005 DOUBLE 7" EP

Eugene takes his banjo to Europe, assembles a free improv supergroup of international jazz superstars, and records these four sides of live music in Zurich in the early summer of 1997. This is a very special package, in a double gatefold jacket including a popup insert and ten page booklet of liner notes, closely detailing the intricacies of Eugene's and the band's process in writing and performing this project. Take a preview glance of the booklet right now if you feel up to it: SHOWME!

Jorg Lenzlinger LGR S007 7" 45

st + od LGR CD003 Compact Disque

The Japanese duo that turns pop music inside out. CD scheduled for September 1997. Incredible operatic female vocalist combined with state-of-the-art recording and production from Tokyo, and best of all NO SAMPLERS! All real instruments! Astounding achievement.

Gino Robair: Theremin vs. The Ebow Snare LGR EP006 7" EP

Scheduled for early autmn 97; mindwrecking Ebow snare solo b/w mindcrushing feedbacking Theremin-bashing of the most extreme sort.

Brandon Labelle LGR EP007 7" EP

Scheduled for early autmn 97; more subtle, beautiful, cryptic ambience from Brandon, these two tracks developing from a performance and installation he did early in 1997.

Wrong Body Gutrench Records FUK 02

The Wrong Body CD comes to us via Gutrench Records, but can be ordered right here. As usual, outstanding Melbourne production and musicianship adds up to a pleasing antilounge experience for the demanding hardgrindcore enthusiast.

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