Welcome to the BOOMBOX -- your chance to enjoy full-length tracks from our favorite weekly Splendid picks, in the relative comfort of your home or office! Each week we add a couple more -- and as you'll probably notice, we've got a pretty full menu already...

All tracks are now streamed -- have at 'em!


This week's additions:
Ulrich Krieger's "Four5"
Ralf Hildenbeutel's "The Elephantmen Society"

Also on the boombox:
Mary Lou Lord's "Lights Are Changing"
Trans Am's "Stereo Situation"
Robert Wyatt's "Heaps of Sheeps"
Kirlian's "New"
Joy Electric's "(We Are) Taking Over."
Martyn Bennett's "Ud the Doudouk"
Claude Schryer's "Transportacion"
Ben Folds Five's "For Those of Ya'll Who Wear Fannie Packs"
The Dead C's "Head" Aerial-M's "Wedding Song No.2"
Terry Lee Brown Jr.'s "If You Open Up"
Unwound's "Laugh Track"
Fetisch Park's "Last Strip" from Untitled (ten)
Iannis Xenakis' "Kraanerg" (track 9)
Phallus Dei's "Death and the Maiden"
Otomo Yoshihide's "HK"
Supercharger's "Spacemaker Deluxe"
Monique Jean's "IF" (from the Presence compilation
Free Kitten's "Teenie Weenie Boppie"
Makkiwhipdies' "Increasingly Pathetic"
Toledo's "Danny"
The Sinister Six's "Little Miss Go-Go Boots"
Lee "Scratch" Perry's "I Am A Madman" (Excerpt)
Prince Paul's "Dimepieces"
Phylr's "I Was Born..."
Ben Azarm's "P boone"
Negativland's "Drink It Up"
Keoki's "Space"
Verbow's "Fan Club"
Pete Krebs' "Love/Hate Relationship"
Stephen Kent's (with Eda Maxym) "Hole in the Road"
Pineal Ventana's "Man Lies"
Comet Gain's "Strength"
A double-track featuring By June's "Gladly" and Bickley's "High School Porno Star"
(from Chicken Ranch Round Up 3)
Really Red's "Crowd Control"
(from Deep in the Throat of Texas)
The X-ecutioners' "Raida's Theme"
Pigface's "Burundi".
Dimitris Zervoudakis' "O Amerikanos" (from The Dance of Heaven's Ghosts)
Mike Ladd's "Kissin' Kecia"
San Agustin's "Untitled"
Lords of Acid's "Rubber Doll"
Eugene Chadbourne's "Hit on a Bubble"
Mu-Ziq's "Mushroom Compost"
Beth Orton's "Tangent"
The William Orbit version of "She Cries Your Name" (Beth Orton vocal)
Skuli Sverrisson's "The Rain is Not A Metaphor"
F. H. Hill Co.'s "Not a Good Day For Fishing"
Lloyd Brevett and the Skatalites' "Fugitive Dub"
Ashtar Command's "Sub Cons and Andrak 4000"
Stephane Roy's "Ondes/Arborescences"
Louis Philippe's "She Means Everything to Me"
Jack Drag's "Unisex Headwave"
Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation's "Love Delegation (7" mix)"
David "Kid" Siegel's "Cheap Love Affair"
cult junk cafe's "eigo ga jozu desu ne"
The Push Kings' "Mrs McKean"
Archer Prewitt's In the Sun
Jon Appleton's "Newark Airport Rock"
Bruce Arnold's "Variation 3".
Plain Cream Puff Spray's "Forever"
Junk's"Tippy Top"
J. C. Hopkins' "Amsterdam"
Tipsy's "Space Golf"
Carl Stone's "Cue"
Refect Refect's "New Machine"
Sky Cries Mary's "Every Iceberg Is Afire (Steve Hillage 12" Mix)"
Brian Stevens' "Zasu Pitts"
purse's "a lot of precious fluids are milky"
The Softies' "Together Forever"
Mo Boma's "Secret Cargoes"