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Chelyabinsk Globe
In sections "Music" and "Tours" - reports and materials about Chelyabinsk musicians, past and coming concerts.
The Musical Truth
A lot of megabytes of records and other information. The main styles - Author's song, rock'n'roll (look below also)
Splendid E-zine (till February 1998)
Mirror of the site in USA that has records that could hardly find in local shops.
Have a look at Boombox and CD Reviews
Tonguebath / Wash as cats do (till February 1998)
TOURS ( interview, concert records, photos, CD )
Deep Purple
Korol i Shut/A king and a buffoon
Mumii Trolli
Constantine Nikolskii
Chig / Siskin and Sergey Chigarkov
Garik Soukachev and "Neprikasaemie"/"Untouchables"
U.D.O./Accept '98
Jazz Bridge
New York - Moscow - Chelyabinsk: Igor Butman, Valerie Sundarev, Valerie Sekretov, Sergey Sokolov (record of concert on January 26, 1998)
Rezinovii Dedushka/Rubber Oldman
Pyataya Vlast/Fifth Power
Gradski Priisk / Gradski Mine
Bereg / The Shore
Gari Ananasov and his band "Segodnya Utrom"
The Festival Art Start '99
Papa Jack, Michael Filippov, Randevu / Rendezvous, Yulia Turmisheva
Prize-winners of the Festival Art Start '97
Excess, Terskovs duet, Tatiana Kudelko, Major nostalgia and Another life as guests
New Generation of Ural Rock
Golii Pistolet / Naked pistol, Black Cat Bones, NTTA, Yulia Chicherina, Sansara
Yuri Naumov
Musician, who performed several times in our city and created the site: "The House of Russian Blues"
George Anokhin
Anniversary of maestro. Jazz compositions from the 'Monk' disk
Little JC & his Blues Band
A participant of Swiss Art Festival in Chelyabinsk
Monterey Jazz Band
Some improvisations by Tom Towle and his band (California)
Children's Jazz Studio
Vladimir Galimov and his pupils (Chelyabinsk)
Yana Simon
Participants and guests of the Ilmenskii Festival
Flying from the shadow to the light
Lilia Kornilova, the actress of New Artistic Theatre, sings
Song-book of "Musical Truth"
Vizbor, Dolina, Visozkiii, Nikitini, Mityaev and many others!
Yulia Mikheeva
Prize-winner of the Festival in Nizhni Novgorod '99
Nikolai Yakimov
CD "The Sky Is In Gilt Again"
Songs and poetry by Michael Boguslavskii
Sergey Pan, Alexandria, Oleg Sedelev and Anton Primakov
Zelenaya Lampa / Green Lamp
Adik Abdurahmanov
Solo records and records of a Chamber Orchestra "The Classics"
Lera Averbah
M. Musorgskii, S. Rahmaninov. Poetry
Dima Shishkin and Sasha Belov
Chelyabinsk young musicians
NAE / New Art Ensemble
Chelyabinsk center "Garmoni"
United Sound
The company released the series of excellent CDs with the records of Chelyabinsk musicians: Sergey Krashenninikov, Vladimir Homyakov, Lera Averbah, George Anokhin, Oleg Kiselev, New Artistic Ensemble (NAE), ' Cartoons ' trio, Chamber Choir conducted by V. Mihalchenko and others.
Video reports from the Chelyabinsk Regional Art Gallery
Opening of exhibitions, from reserves of the gallery, etc.
Lecture by Dr. Peter Verkerk (Delft, the Netherlands) in South Ural State University:Part 1 Part 2
Lector is the professor of Technical University in Delphta, Netherlands. November 1999
Out-of-city Conference of Presidium of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Chelyabinsk and Miass, 24-25 of June 1999
Presentation of the Chelyabinsk Civic Network project