Agroengineering University of Chelyabinsk

Agroengineering University of Chelyabinsk exists since 1930 when it was established as a Ural Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Egriculture. In 1990 it was reformed into the agro-engineering university as a large regional educational and scientific-industrial complex, additionally consumed several lerge establishments, and in 1993 it had passed the State Attestation on all the specialities of training.

The rector of the University is Vasily V. Blednykh, Academician of International Academy of Informatization, Academician of the Egricultural Education Academy, Honoured Science and Technology Worker, doctor of technology, professor.

The University has 5 faculties; the specialists are trained by 38 departments, the Preparatory Section, and the Lyceum of Pre-university Education. The education is conducted on eight specialities. At the 1938 the post-graduate course was established, and since 1946 the corresponding course is active.

The University actively cooperates with foreign and Russian industrial and educational establishments, it has wide partner interconnections.

The university administration develops the programmes on international cooperation.

The scientists of the University carry out investigations on number of scientific directions.

This Higher Educational Institution is provided by scientific laboratories, research centres and experimental productions:

Laboratories Research centres Experimental productions Other
Branch Laboratory for the Agricultural Macines Repair; Laboratory of Mechanization Systems of Intensive Technologies; Laboratory of Mechanical Measuring Tools Scientific Centre of Ecological Education of the Research Institute of Mechanization and Automatization of Agricultural Production; Scientific Centre of Chelyabinsk; Scientific-Research Department; Training-Production Workshops; Training Farm; Base for Tutorial Practical Works; Department of Efficient Poligraphy

According to the elaborated programme of education, the number of courses was inculcated to be read on foreign languages. The one group of students study completely on the French. Besides, the 13 disciplines for other students are also lectured on the French:

  1. French Language
  2. Higher Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Theoretical Mechanics
  5. Discriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphycs
  6. Physics of Materials and Technology of Construction Materials
  7. Strength of Materials
  8. Theory of Machines and Mechanismes
  9. Machine Details and Lifting Machines
  10. Interchangeability and Standardization of Technical Measurements
  11. Hydraulics
  12. Tractors and Automobiles
  13. Agricultural Machines

Since the University exists it turned out about 30,000 specialists-engineers for agriculture and qualified more than 15,000 specialists of agricultural production. In specialized councils there were defended about 1,000 candidate's and 70 doctor's thesises on the problems of development the branches of agricultural complex. There were published more then 30 tutorial books prepared by the University's teachers for higher and technical educational institutions. the special councils on the thesis defending include 4 candidates and 4 doctors of science.

The famous scientists graduated from the Agroengineering University of Chelyabinsk: Academician V.Kubyshev, Honoured Science Workers of Russia professors S.Lebedev, I.Ulman, A.Basov, V.Vinogradov, A.Pyastolov, A.Lyubimov; professors M.Sergeev, V.Popov, F.Izakov, V.Blagikh; Honoured Engineer of Agriculture of Russia P.Leontiev.