Partner relationship Contents of Joint Activity (exchanges, investigations, etc.) Names of projects Types of interactions (direct agreements, real relationships, mediation, etc.)
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1 Germany, union "Agriculture and Ecological Balance with East Europe" (LOGO) Organization of practical works on agricultural enterprises of Germany Programme of qualification improvement for 1995. Direct agreement of the University with LOGO and LOGO's contract with students-probationers for agricultural practical works.
2 France, "SART" Department, agricultural firm "ANGOU MAINE CEREALES" Organization of students practical works on agricultural enterprises of "SART" Department (France) Students probation on French agricultural enterprises Interaction with French side via an mediatory firm (Moscow)
3 Great Britain, "National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs" Organization of agricultural practical works on farms of Great Britain "HOPS" - "Permission for harvesting" for 1995. interaction through the representative of that program in Sent-Petersburg
4 USA, YMCA organization Sudents work in youth camps of USA ICCP - "Program of international camp consulters" Interaction via the representative of that program in Sent-Petersburg
5 USA, farming organization Continuous probation period for students at agricultural farms (1 year) Students agricultural probation in USA Interaction via the representative of the farming organization in Moscow
6 Hungary Complete education in Agricultural University of Gedel (Hungary) Education course in an Hungarian agricultural university Interaction via the Central Administrative Board of agricultural higher educational institutions
7 USA, Ministry of Agriculture Improvement of University's lecturers qualification in USA Program "Improvement of qualification of lecturers from Russian agricultural educational institutions Direct contact with the representative of USA Ministry of Agriculture dr. A. Paulin