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The "Rubber Oldman" band from Chelyabinsk (the band's name is taken from the book "The Adventures of brave soldier Shweik" by Czech writer Yaroslav Gashek) was born at 1987. Fans of rythm'n'blues and pub-rock - two tank constructors, an artificer and an engineer-economist - united in the rock-band and were presented with a place given them by Tractor Production Enterprise. As well, the RO's songs got some popularity among the Chelyabinsk students and young people at all.

At the April 1989 their first album "Make More Money" was recorded. It contained the hits "Across Workshops", "Antonida", "Hermit Crawfish" and "Fat Lyuda", which called positive reviews of independent press and a wide local popularity. At 1990 the RO's music reached the Sent-Petersbourg and at the Desember 1990 the band has played at the Christmas Festival "Aurora-90".

July 1991 - the second album, "Grandpa Zhukov And The White Horse" has been issued (in 1996 it was republished on CD). Since 1993 the work upon a new materials has started but then was interrupted because of some creative and financial disagreements between of the musicians. Along the whole year the RO's leader - Yuri Bogatenkov - performed alone (guitar, harmonica, vocals) and experimented with the "HXA" band. His new songs seemed being close to rythm'n'blues, big-bit, especially to Neil Young, Elvis Costello, "Big Star", etc. Nowadays the "Rubber Oldman" is a cult pop-group on the South Ural, it performs mainly at the "Minotavr" club (in Chelyabinsk). The "RO" also gave performances in Barnaul, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan and other cities of Urals and Siberia.

    The band

      Yuri BOGATENKOV -- vocals, guitar, harmonica
      Andrey SEMERNYA -- bass, back-vocals
      Vyacheslav RUBTSOV -- drums
      Nikolay ANANIEV -- rythm-guitar, back-vocals


    1. "Make More Money" 1989 (cassete-only issue)
    2. "Grandpa Zhukov And The White Horse" 1991 (CD, cassette)
    3. "Live At Studio-1" (Yuri Bogatenkov -- guitars, harmonica, vocals) 1996

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