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"Segodnya Utrom" is a project of Gary Ananasov, the "father of Chelyabinsk independent". The group was organized in 1992 and its first performance have been made at January 7, 1993, the eve of Christmas, within a rock festival were "SU" have shown themselves as the leaders of the second vawe alternative rock in Chelyabinsk.

Spring 1993, "SU" made few performances at the "Indi-club" (Sent Petersbourg) and "D.V.A.-Podval" club (Moscow) after the invitation of Petersbourg promorters. These concerts meet positive references of the clubs directors.

Ananasov got in touch with authoritative fugures of Russian underground such as V. Gakkel (ex-"Aquarium", "Tam-tam" club), Alexander Lipnitsky ("Zvuki Moo"), Sergey Guriev ("Kontrculture"). About that time the group recorded its first demo that consisted of 5 songs. SU's musical style that time presented the cultivated "new wave" and reflected the affection of "The Cure", "U2", "New Order", etc.

Fall 1993, Gary Ananasov decides to rise the heavness of the musical substance, which positively affects the group's sound. The funk, punk-rock elements appeared and even the folklore motives appeared. The group staff, conception, image and even the band name have changed (Oct 1993 through June 1994 - it is "Pinguins");

Spring and summer 1994 are dedicated to the acoustic experiments. The clarinet, harmonica and kongs appeared in the band structure.

During the winter 1995 the band's structure is stabilized in the electrical direction, but sound experiments are being continued. A close attention is dedicated to the show. "SU" tunes the contacts with friendly cities Kurgan and Yekaterinburg. Group actively plays on tour within and without the Chelyabinsk Oblast. Besides, informally Gary Ananasov broke a record on the amount of press publications about his person and the band in a whole. "SU" feels the permanent promotion, radio and TV's attention.

June 25th, 1995 "SU" created a real furore on the festival "Rock for the clean and healthful city" that was held on the open scene in front of the main building of the Technical University, when during the conclusive composition broke the sound tools on the stage. Approximately the same time among the group members appeared the back-vocalist and dancer - mysterious woman-amphibian.

Gary Ananasov -
Vitya in his childhood
Winter 1995 a part of musicians leave the band but tireless Gary Ananasov gathers a new collective of 8(!) people, which won the laureate title at the regional festival "Ural-Rock 96" held in the place of the "Sphinx" rock center (Yekaterinbourg), that called a massive promotion in the "third capital of Ural rock".

Summer 1996. Ananasov takes part in the pre-election campaign "Vote or loose". The band performs in front of the six-thousands audience on the most prestigious stage of the city - the sport palace "Yunost", where Gary Ananasov again confirmes his title of the Chelyabinsk rock father.

Spring 1996 clipmaker I. Karpov makes the SU's debut video-clip on the composition "Closer to Fire" and starts to work upon another one.

Fall 1996 musicians actively rehearse, preparing to record the first LP. December 21th, Gary Ananasov came out as an organiser and producer of the first night festival "Rock against AIDS".

Feb though March 1997. At the "Dal" studio "SU" record LP "Closer to Fire" which at present is being prepared to be issued on cassettes and represents the conceptually structured program of 12 compositions. The diversity of styles goes from semi-acoustic ballades to a popular techno.

Gary Ananasov is also known as a founder and director of the first in the city and in oblast indi-club "Dove-coloured Turtle", consequently - the first hard-rock cafe, novadays - the creative union (but that is another story).

As their creative credo, Gary Ananasov and "Segodnya Utrom" assume the alternative as completely absolete pathos rock, as primitive pop-music captivated the radio airs and the TV. The project is not limited by a certain stylistic musical directions, the project "Segodnya Utrom" is able to exist not only as a music, but also as a poetical, prosaic, artistic, publicistic one...

The following compositions you can listen to and even watch a clip right now:

The first album cover

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