The social society "Chelyablnsk-Fribourg" has been founded in the city of Chelyabinsk recently.

The personal and cultural contacts linking these both regions have the story lasting for more than 3 years already. They started from the tour of the Swiss theatre " Guignol 'a Roulettes" (Pierre-Alain Rone) to Chelyabinsk in 1993 and the shows of the "White Goat Theatre" (Viktor Plotnikov) that took place in Fribourg in 1994. It was followed by the children groups exchange, two art festivals (one was in Fribourg in 1995, another in Chelyabinsk in 1996) and joint work on the cooproduction "Wings" (Pierre-Alain Rone and Viktor Plotnikov).

Both sides wish to futher continue the development of these creative contacts. Now the official structure will help to realise the program of cooperation because Switzerland has the association "Fribourg-Chelyabinsk" which is an equal and official partner of the Chelyabinsk society "Chelyabinsk-Fribourg".

Vast opportunities that both cities have received now are not limited by the cultural exchanges. There is a great interest of the business world from both sides in the sucessful joint work.

Our plans for 1997:

  • seminars for bankers, finance workers, lawers
  • exchange of students
  • exhibition of the "Kamennij Poyas" in Fribourg.

We invite everybody who is interested in these programs to participate or support them.

Email:     Address: Russia 454000, Chelyabinsk, ul. Kommuny 87, kom. 8     Tel/Fax: +7 351 236-5108