The Child Oncohaematological Center

The Child Oncohaematological Center

Chelyabinsk Child Regional Hospital.
Here, on the fifth floor is the location
of the Child Haemotological Center.

           Cancer and children... These notions seem incomparable but unfortunately the disease has no mercy for children as well. Some time ago this diagnosis was a death sentence. Now the sick children can receive up-to-date treatment by highly-qualified specialists of the child oncohaematology center and thus have a chance to overcome the illness. This way from a deadly illness to the joy of normal life is extremely difficult for the suffering children themselves, for their mothers and fathers who take this pain as their own one and who often refuse everything for the sake of the child, for the doctors and nurses who allay this pain, show compassion for the other peopleŐs troubles every day and do what seems impossible. If you happened to face a similar trouble then you neednŐt any other words for explanation. If you didnŐt, then God help you never to know it.

           The Child Oncohaematological Center is situated within the territory of the regional child clinic. In spite of the near-by city traffic routes, the pine forest surrounding the clinic creates the unusual peace and calm. What makes it even more valuable is that the latest diagnostic resources and a powerful scientific potential are concentrated in the regional clinic. The consultative assistance is provided by the members of the staff of Chair N 2 of child illnesses at the Medical Academy. The Center is a member of the Russian Interregional Child Oncohaematology Association (MADO). We provide the chemotherapeutical and radiological treatment both for the children with the diseases of the haematological system, such as haemorrhagical diathesis, leukaemia, and for those with serious tumours. The latest medical equipment for the intensive chemotherapy was supplied to the department in 1993 by (...?) thanks to the invaluable assistance of different foreign charitable organizations the department was provided with expensive medicaments.

           The Center is closely supported by a parent society, a member of the International Confederation against the child cancer.

           Unfortunately, the hard economic situation affects the work of our center, reducing the diagnostical and the therapeutical possibilities, and sometimes preventing us from doing what we can to save a child.

We would be very grateful if you could help our children.

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