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Chelyabinsk: Local authorities   Universities  
Academic and research centers
High military schools   Medicine   Lyceums and schools   Others
Chelyabinsk oblast: Magnitogorsk   Ozersk   Miass

Local authorities

Chelyabinsk City Duma


South Ural State University
The Chelyabinsk State Pedagogic University
Chelyabinsk State Agroengineering University
The Ural Social Economic Institute
The Chelyabinsk Industrial College
Center of computing and information technologies

Academic and research centers

The Chelyabinsk Scientific Center
Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Research Institute of Digital Systems in South Ural State University
The all-Russian Heat Engineering Institute (Ural VTI)
Laboratory of Energetic Pumps
Research Institute of Measurement Equipment

High military schools

The Chelyabinsk High Military Automobile Engineer School
named by the head marshal of armored troops P.A. Rotminstrov
The Chelyabinsk High Tank Commanding School


The City Clinical Hospital of the First Medical Aid
Scientific Medical Library of Chelyabinsk Oblast
Chelyabinsk Child Oncohaematological Center
The City Clinical Hospital N2
Student Polyclinic
Reanimation and Intensive Therapy of Acute Cerebral Pathology

Lyceums and schools

Physical- mathematical Lyceum N31
School N40
School N142


Educational and Cultural Programs Department of the American Business Center-Chelyabinsk
The Chelyabinsk Geology and Geophysics Division


Magnitogorsk Zone Committee of Ecology and Nature Management


Ozersk Technology Institute of MIPhI


Institute of Mineralogy
Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences