Invenvestigations implemented in the University

1. Fundamental research

Professor G. Kuznetsov makes analysis in logic of probability.

The department "Strength of Materials" under the guidance of doctor of technology V. Zhilkin there is performs a work on the topic: "Building of mathematical models of contact interaction between the implements and biological objects". This work includes creation of mathematical models of a stem based on the mechanics of flexible rods and on the mechanics of heterogeneous orthotropic deformable body. First in the world practice the Department's scientists gained the practical results in research of deformed state of sand by the method of holographical interferometry.

Doctor of technology Yu. Smirnov conducts investigations in informatics, intellectual information technologies and ecology.

The investigations of the influence of electric fields, solar activity and other factors of enviroment on the biological processes conducted by doctor of technology E. Kamenir are going on.

The works of doctors G.Kuznetsov, V.Zhilkin, Yu.Smirnov and E.Kamenir are published abroad.

The development of scientific basis of prediction of state of machines and production processes is going on under guidance of doctor of technology I.Korolkov.

Doctor of technology V. Blednykh develops economic-mathematical models of agricultural processes.

Significant research in social-political and phylosophical problems of society development is arried out by candfidates of sciences N.Paletskikh and V.Gladyshev

In 1994 on the base of Department "Technical Means of Ecological Safety" according to the decision of Oblast Administration there was created the Scientific and Methodical Centre of Ecological Education. According to the resolution N277 of the Science Academy of Russia, the Federal Committee of Russia on Higher Education, and the Oblast Administration in 1994 the Science Centre of Chelyabinsk was organized. Besides the Agroengineereing University the Centre includes also Chelyabinsk University, Technical University of Chelyabinsk and other leading academic institutes of Ural region.

2. Applied Research

The schools of doctors A.Basov, A.Pyastalov, F.Izakov, E.Kamenir -- in appllication of electrical engineering technologies in agriculture; of doctors V.Vinogradov, A.Lubimov, V.Blednikh -- in technologies of soil cultivation; I.Ulman, Yu. Lomonosov, G.Ignatiev -- in branch of agrotechnical service; K.Kolganov, N. Kosilov, Z.Votzky -- in harvesting and past-harvesting processing of grain are well-known in Russia.

The basic directions of applied investigtions are the following:

The University cordinates its work with scientific and industrial subdivisions of the Olast Centre of Scientific Providing of Agriculture, with staff of scientific and industrial establishments of the Ural region end other scientific establishments of Russia.

In 1990 the group of scientists, including from the Agroengineering University, was rewarded by the Federal Premium of Russia in science and Technology for creation and inculcation of the complex of machines for low-soil and low-energy consuming technologies. The system of universal ploughs and looseners for all types of tractors was developed and put into serial production.

The University realizes scientific providing of inculcation of the Canadian technology of harvesting and past-harvesting processing of grain according to the International Pilot Project.

Almost all of the applied investigations are performed on agreements with enterprises and organizations of agricultural complex.